Conference Highlights

e-Governance Summit: Highlights

  • The changes produced by ICTs on the governance processes, (e.g. regulatory and legal frameworks, organisational and administrative procedures, roles of various stakeholders involved, etc.).
  • The socio-economic implications at policy level; and
  • Key issues, challenges and innovations fueling the furtherance of e-Governance in the country.
  • Effects on decision-making, public management and service delivery owing to ICT policy development.
  • The best and next practices adopted by various State Governments in the field of eGovernance.
  • Special Discussion on Smart Cities

Education Summit: Highlights

  • Capacity Building of Teachers: The need for teachers’ adaptation with digital learning environments
  • Fostering Quality in Higher Education through Accreditation and Assessment
  • Critical role of Industry/ Academia interface in making students employable
  • Reinventing India’s educational landscape by using technology.

Health Summit: Highlights

  • Improvement of the infrastructural bottlenecks of district hospitals.
  • Making telemedicine more useful to make healthcare affordable & reachable.
  • Attaining and maintaining patient safety in India.
  • Applicability of Public Private Partnership (PPP) model in Indian  Healthcare.

BFSI Summit: Highlights

  • Encouraging Entrepreneurship & Incubation (Financial Inclusion).
  • Pradhanmantri Jandhan Yojana.
  • Jandhan, Adhar & Mobility.
  • Insurance sector how government insured industry financial services it includes.
  • Customer Experience management in banking and financial institution.
  • Technology in BFSI Sector: Changing Paradigm
  • Banking for Rural Development