1. Government to Government (G2G) Project of the Year
Government to Government (G2G) Initiative of the Year Award recognises those government departments who have used ICT tools to provide and improve internal or external government to government services, transactions and interactions.

2. Government to Business (G2B) Project of the Year
Government to Business (G2B) Initiative of the Year Award recognises those government departments who have used ICT tools for improved services, transactions and interactions between the local and central government and the private sector.

3. Government to Citizens (G2C) Project of the Year
Government to Citizens (G2C) Initiative of the Year Award recognises those government departments who have used ICT tools to provide and improve government services, transactions and interactions with citizens.

4. e-Governance Initiative of the Year
e-Governance in India has steadily evolved from computerization of Government Departments to initiatives that encapsulate the finer points of Governance, such as citizen centricity, service orientation and transparency. This category invites nominations from those organizations which have done exceptional work in this sector.

5. Governance Project in Goa
The category invites applications from government organizations/institutions to nominate themselves with details of initiatives and strategy implemented to ensure the state projects are functioning in a robust framework. The award will recognize the state projects for its vision, planning and execution.

6. Usage of ICT In Urban Development
ICT innovations are catalysts of structural change for personal, work, and community life that will result in the development of more distributed, compact, and mixed-use urban forms. The availability of a citywide ICT infrastructure is the basis for successful implementation of modern day urban infrastructure. This category invites nominations from those organizations which with proper focus, planning, and policies have made cities more ICT-enabled and sustainable.

7. Usage of ICT In Rural Development
The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are being increasingly used by the governments to deliver its services at the locations convenient to the citizens. Rural e-Governance applications in the recent past have demonstrated the important role the Information and Communication Technologies play in the realm of rural development. This category invites applications from those organizations which are providing dependable and citizen-centric services to the rural population through the use of ICT.

8. Green IT Initiative
Green IT is a collection of strategic and tactical initiatives that directly reduces the carbon footprint of an organisation’s computing operation. Green IT is not just focusing on reducing the impact of the ICT industry, but also to be focused on using the services of ICT to help reduce the organisation’s overall carbon footprint. Information Technology needs to be developed, delivered and used in a way that is environment friendly, sustainable and energy efficient. This category recognizes such initiatives.

9. Best use of Mobile Technology
This award aims to reward those who optimise new technologies across mobile platforms, engage with their users effectively and have a proven track record of success.

10. Most Innovative ICT Implementation
e-Governance and related Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are commonly understood to provide a great opportunity to innovate the business of government by fostering efficiency and reforming public-private-partnership (PPP). This category seeks to honor those who provide innovative mechanisms for the reshaping of government services, policy making and implementation.

11. Innovative Solutions for Smart Cities
Smart cities require smart solutions and thankfully there’s a lot to choose from. But, what will set these companies apart would be innovative solutions hitherto never seen before. This category is meant for those creating such solutions.

12. Cloud Services Initiatives
Sharing of data-processing tasks, centralized data storage, and online access to computer services or resources is no longer an exclusive need. As more and more companies shift their data to cloud services, sky is the limit for such initiatives (pun unintended). This category recognizes such services.

13. Big data providers
Traditional data processing applications are no longer in use now as data becomes large and complex. The challenges include analysis, capture, curation, search, sharing, storage, transfer, visualization, and privacy violations. This category recognizes pioneering work in this space.

14. ICT Implementation in Transportation
Accurate, reliable, high quality traffic data is a prerequisite for effective traffic management and information services. As traffic modes get integrated, newer innovations are the need of the hour. This category seeks to honour such initiatives in the transport sector.

15. Cyber Security solution provider
With everything loaded on computers, a cyber attack can cripple any organization. Cyber security today is a bigger issue even than the physical security of the premises. A reliable cyber security provider is what every company looks for and this category brings to forefront such security providers.

16. ICT innovation in non-conventional energy resources
Our dependency on conventional energy resources has not only harmed the environment but also created supply-demand issues. Non-conventional energy resources have to be found to emerge from this crisis. This category honours some of the great work done in this space.

17. Capacity Building
India is a land of diversity in terms of culture, tradition, language, geography and the economic condition of the people. e-Governance can be used as a strategic tool for reaching out to citizens and improving the quality of services provided by the government to its people. But that cannot be achieved without building human capacities in terms of necessary knowledge and skills to conceptualize, make policies, initiate, implement and sustain e-Governance initiatives. This category invites such initiatives which are aimed at enhancing knowledge and skills both at individual and societal level.

18. Innovation in Governance
Indian cities are facing severe pressures on service delivery mechanisms which are not fully responsive to the needs of the citizens. Urban governance reforms and innovations are thereby assuming greater importance. This category invites those initiatives which are using ICT innovations to improve the governance services and service delivery mechanisms in both rural and urban space.

Start-Up Awards
Apart from the above categories, Elets Technomedia Pvt Ltd will independently award some start-ups for their outstanding contribution in the education, health and governance sectors, following the advise of our independent jury.