1. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Initiative
The government is banking heavily on this initiative as most of the subsidies will be directly routed to the beneficiaries account under this. This category recognizes work done in this space.

2. Access to banking and financial services
Accessing such services is still a pipedream for a large part of the populace. This category seeks to honour those who make this process seamless and inclusive.

3. Financial Inclusion through business innovation
As financial inclusion becomes the buzzword, newer business innovations are the need of the hour. This category will recognize such innovations.

4. Use of Mobile Technology in Financial Services
Mobiles have the biggest role to play when it comes to making financial services all pervasive. This is the category where such efforts would be recognized.

5. Online Payments Solution
As most work gets done over the internet, online payments are an important component for expansion of e-commerce. This category will felicitate solutions in this space.

6. Mobile Payments Solution of the Year
Alongside online payments, mobile payments have been holding their own for a considerable time now. This category will honour the best mobile payment solution over the past one year.

7. Financial Services Institution of the Year
Financial services involve a gamut of services meant for general public such as insurance, investment, credit cards etc. This category will honour the institution that has done commendable work in providing such services.

8. Best Prepaid Card Programme
With penetration of credit cards still peripheral, prepaid cards come with a host of benefits as banks seek to make them a popular mode of shopping. This category will honour the best programme in the prepaid cards.

9. Anti-Fraud/Security Solution of the Year
Frauds can never be behind when it comes to online world. Expectedly, anti-fraud and security solutions become very important. This category will honour such fool-proof solutions.

10. Financial Inclusion Initiative of the Year

11. Corporate social responsibility
CSR is a way through which an organisation achieves a balance of economic, social and environmental imperatives, while at the same time addressing the expectations of shareholders and stakeholders. This category invites nomination for initiatives which are positively impacting the life of the people.

12. Micro-insurance
Providing an insurance coverage to economically vulnerable section of the society is very important aspect of welfare of the people. This category seeks nomination from all the organisation which are providing micro-insurance policy to the people.

13. Micro-finance
Microfinance is basically a form of financial services for entrepreneurs and small businesses lacking access to banking and related services. This category invites nomination from all such organisation which is contributing positively in this domain.

14. Financial Inclusion Initiative by a PSU
Public sector units in the country have been contributing in all round development of the nation. This special category invites nomination from PSUs which are working for financial in the country.

15. Financial Inclusion Initiative by a Government Department
Government of India and state governments is rolling out lots of services and schemes intended toward larger inclusion of the people in the financial system. This category invites nomination from such government organisaiton which is doing exemplary work in this area.

16. Use of IT in Retail Banking
Retail banking is undergoing enormous transformation as market consolidation and the increasing use of technology extends the reach of banks from local to national and global markets. This award category invites nomination from the organisations which are using banking technology in retail banking.

17. Use of Mobile Technology in Financial Services
Mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets are transforming the way people work in the financial services industry. This category invites nomination from the organisations which are using mobile technology to enhance financial services.

18. Core Banking Product/Service
Banking technology is used in providing core banking product services. This award category invites nominations from the organisations which have used banking technology in providing core banking product services.

19. IT Implementation in NBFC (Non Banking Financial Company)
This category seeks nominations from all those NBFCs (Non Banking Financial Companies) who have done exemplary IT implementation in their organisation. Also, this category seeks nominations from all those IT companies who have implemented innovative IT product or services in NBFCs.

20. Multi-Channel Payments Solution
Customer demand for the ability to pay anywhere, through multiple channels and at any time is rapidly increasing. A solution provider who meets this need generated in the market, will be felicitated under this award category.